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Two Scenes? Directors use intermediate actors, but their purpose; second scene by actors without directors? [ my 2008 notes for myself ]

... final scenes checklist :

1. script/scene [ text & dramatic structure breakdown; exposition-climax, resolution, conflict and etc. ]

2. character analysis [ 5Ws ]

3. role design ideas [ objective-obstacle ]

4. floor plan (blocking)

5. costume (details) and prop

6. your journal notes [ about playwright and play, rehearsals' reflections ]

7. self-evaluation and grading your partner/director

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2007 class

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scene selection (by student-director) + assigned (modern)

how to rehearse:

[ homework ]

1. "Cold Reading" with your partner (analysis of the scene, play, conflict, themes...) + making a schedule of your rehearsals (exchanging phone ## and email addresses). Taking NOTES!

2. Your Character Analysis (5Ws, prop use, master-gesture and etc.)
2.1. Breaking your scene into action segments (and rehearsal units)
2.2. "Actor's Script" (writing in your actor's directions)

3. Self-Blocking

4. Memorization

5. Runs-through (Rehearsing for conflict, for character development, for movement and so on). Taking Notes!

6. Presentations in class (work-in-progress)

7. Finals (on stage)
(Set, costumes & prop preparation)
(recording your progress in journal) -- journals are due at the finals performance!

[ homework page ]

4.12.07 -- TA (notes)
"3 Stops": 1. Cold Reading * 2. Presentation of work-in-progress * 3. Exams

read "final" page @ acting2 group ... --> "Jonnathan and Daniel, I suggested to Paula (directing class) to use two of you for the scene R/G are Dead by Tom Stoppard. She will contact you with the script. Play online -- script. We have reference to it on the page "scenes"... Anatoly"

Where to keep NOTES on the work-in-progress? Page at google.com/group/acting2/web --

4.17 -- True West (Luke-Kerry) + Desdemona (Jey-Jessica), Jenny directing

... "Hamletmachine" : Spencer - Hadassah (Anna, director). Matt -- The Zoom Story, Kilisha - Deleen (All About Eve) (movie scenes?)

Next - 4.19 : see calendar notes

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overview + paperwork due [journals]

next level -- acting III (preview) -- majors only [resume] = me 10 years from today

next season Theatre UAF : shows & winter shorts


Spring 2007 THR221 Intermediate Acting

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2009, final class project [directing/acting class] : Durang, Beyond Therapy :

1. Cold Reading

2. 1st draft [ work in progress]

3. "Dress" on stage

4. Finals [public]

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Research/Analysis BT [W]

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Beyond Therapy

1. Jenna -- 1.1
2. Shelly -- 1.2
3. Tricia -- 1.3
4. Ramiro -- 1.4
5. Pedro -- 1.5
6. Jessa -- 1.6
7. Tiana -- 2.3
A. Scene Study 
B. Character Analysis [Actor's Text] is expected. 

transition from midterm Strindberg/Chekhov -- Miss Julie and Other Plays by Michael Robinson, August Strindberg; Oxford University Press, 1998 [ questia.com ]

Theatre UAF : stage

"Final Scenes" : join us for the final acting scenes of our current Acting & performance classes. May 8, 2007
Informal presentation in the Lee H. Salisbury Theatre, open to the public. No charge
Tuesday, May 8, 2007 @ 7:00pm

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War on Comedy

Finals: Acting I, II & Fundamentals of Directing -- scenes!

Fri. May 2, 2003 -- on stage, public presentation 5-7 PM

[ the order could be different ]

1. The Philadelphia: Elicia (director) -- Rachel, Randy, Peter

2. The Music Man: Kate and Zack

3. Darren -- Honie, Tara and Zack

4. Chip -- Mia, Sarah and ... Chip

5. The Nerd: Jeff -- Tim, Stephanie

6. 1000 Babes: Bo -- Rose, Jeff

7. The Chronicles: Gregg -- Peter, Nicole

8. Sardines: Abrah -- Stephanie, Leann, Issac, Sherri.

9. The Importance of Being Earnest: Joel --

10. The Odd Couple: Rose -- Zack, Jeff

11. Clerks: Breann, Randy

12. Richard III (tramedia): carey -- Jeff and ...

* Actors, Directors -- bring your paperwork!

Invite your friends and friends of friends!

Free: all are welcome!
Theatre UAF -- www.uaf.edu/theatre

Check out all our Fall 2003 classes online -- www.uaf.edu/theatre/courses

Fall Auditions -- Sat. Sept. 13, 2003 10 AM (second weekend of the new semester)

Spring 2005: mini-Chekhov: The Bear & Wedding

Fall Main Stage 2005

5/5 2007 5pm.
2007 Sample : Wit

Vivian: It was late at night, the graveyard shift. Susie was on. I 
could hear her in the hall. 
     I wanted her to come and see me. So I had to create a little 
emergency. Nothing dramatic. 
(Vivian pinches the IV tubing. The pump alarm beeps.) 

     It worked. 

(Susie enters, concerned.) 

Susie: Ms. Bearing? Is that you beeping at four in the morning? (She 
checks the tubing and presses buttons on the pump. The alarm stops.) 
Did that wake you up? I'm sorry. It just gets occluded sometimes. 

Vivian: I was awake. 

Susie: You were? What's the trouble, sweetheart? 

Vivian: (to the audience, roused) Do not think for a minute that 
anyone calls me "Sweetheart." But then...I allowed it. (To Susie) Oh, I 
don't know. 

Susie: You can't sleep? 

Vivian: No. I just keep thinking. 

Susie: If you do that too much, you can get kind of confused. 

Vivian: I know. I can't figure things out. I'm in a...quandary, having 

Susie: What you're doing is very hard. 

Vivian: Hard things are what I like best. 

Susie: It's not the same. It's like it's out of control, isn't it? 

Vivian: (Crying, in spite of herself) I'm scared. 

Susie: (Stroking her) Oh, honey, of course you are. 

Vivian: I want... 

Susie: I know. It's hard. 

Vivian: I don't feel sure of myself anymore. 

Susie: And you used to feel sure. 

Vivian: (Crying) Oh, yes, I used to feel sure. 

Susie: Vivian. It's all right. I know. It hurts. I know. It's all 
right. Do you want a tissue? It's all right. (Silence) Vivian, would 
you like a Popsicle? 

Vivian: (Like a child) Yes, please. 

Susie: I'll get it for you. I'll be right back. 

Vivian: Thank you. 

(Susie leaves) 

Vivian: (Pulling herself together) The epithelial cells in my GI tract 
have been killed by the chemo. The cold Popsicle feels good, it's 
something I can digest, and it helps keep me hydrated. For your 

(Susie returns with an orange two-stick Popsicle. Vivian unwraps it 
and breaks it in half.) 

Vivian: Here. 

Susie: Sure? 

Vivian: Yes. 

Susie: Thanks. (Susie sits on the commode by the bed. Silence) When I 
was a kid, we used to get these from a truck. The man would come 
around and ring his bell and we'd all run over. Then we'd sit on the 
curb and eat our Popsicles. 
        Pretty profound, huh? 

Vivian: It sounds nice. 


Susie: Vivian, there's something we need to talk about, you need to 
think about. 


Vivian: My cancer is not being cured, is it. 

Susie: Huh-uh. 

Vivian: They never expected it to be, did they. 

Susie: Well, they thought the drugs would make the tumor get smaller, 
and it has gotten a lot smaller. But the problem is that it started in 
new places too. They've learned a lot for their research. It was the 
best thing they had to give you, the strongest drugs. There just isn't 
a good treatment for what you have yet, for advanced ovarian. I'm 
sorry. They should have explained this- 

Vivian: I knew. 

Susie: You did. 

Vivian: I read between the lines. 

Susie: What you have to think about is your "code status." What you 
want them to do if your heart stops. 

Vivian: Well. 

Susie: You can be "full code," which means that if your heart stops, 
they'll call a Code Blue and the code team will come and resuscitate 
you and take you to Intensive Care until you stabilize you again. Or 
you can be "Do Not Resuscitate," so if your heart stops we'll...well, 
we'll just let it. You'll be "DNR." You can think about it, but I 
wanted to present both choices before Kelekian and Jason talk to you. 

Vivian: You don't agree about this? 

Susie: Well, they like to save lives. So anything's okay, as long as 
life continues. It doesn't matter if you're hooked up to a million 
machines. Kelekian is a great researcher and everything. And the 
fellows, like Jason, they're really smart. It's really an honor for 
them to work with him. But they always...want to know more things. 

Vivian: I always want to know more things. I'm a scholar. Or I was 
when I had shoes, when I had eyebrows. 

Susie: Well, okay then. You'll be full code. That's fine. 


Vivian: No, don't complicate the matter. 

Susie: It's okay. It's up to you- 

Vivian: Let it stop. 

Susie: Really? 

Vivian: Yes. 

Susie: So if your heart stops beating- 

Vivian: Just let it stop. 

Susie: Sure? 

Vivian: Yes. 

Susie: Ok. I'll get Kelekian to give the order, and then- 

Vivian: Susie? 

Susie: Uh-huh? 

Vivian: You're still going to take care of me, aren't you? 

Susie: 'Course, sweetheart. Don't you worry. 

(As Susie leaves, Vivian sits up, full of energy and rage) 

Vivian: That certainly was a maudlin display. Popsicles? "Sweetheart"? 
I can't believe my life has become so...corny. 
        But it can't be helped. I don't see any other way. We are discovering 
life and death, and not in the abstract, either; we are discussing my 
life and my death, and my brain is dulling, and poor Susie's was never 
very strong to begin with, and I can't conceive of any other...tone. 
        (Quickly) Now is not the time for verbal swordplay, for unlikely 
flights of imagination and wildly shifting perspectives, for 
metaphysical conceit, for wit. 
        And nothing would be worse than a detailed scholarly analysis. 
Erudition. Interpretation. Complication. 
        (Slowly) Now is a time for simplicity. Now is a time for, dare I say 
it, kindness. 
        (Searchingly) I thought being extremely smart would take care of it. 
But I see that I have been found out. Ooohhh. 
        I'm scared. Oh, God. I want...I want...No. I want to hide. I just want to 
curl up into a little ball. (She dives under the covers.) 

2007 finals - Sat. 

 Adam Gillette + Regine Goerke = Wings of Desire

 Deleen Cable + Kalisha = All about Eve

 Craig Parsel + Matt = Zoo Story [ Matt ]

 Jonathan Roberts + Daniel = R/G [ Paula ]

 Luke Roberts + Kerry Simmons = True West [ Kerry ]

 Kaity Sousa + Tiana Hanson = Wit

 Jessica Storch + Jay = Desdemona

 Spencer Morrison + Hadassah Nelson = Hamletmachine [ Anna ]

scenes are at acting2 group

R/G are Dead by Stoppard

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