Auditions at Theatre LUL School 2009

[ Auditions are required for all students undertaking courses that involve acting. ]

The audition consists of a series of workshops (movement and singing) as well as presentation of audition speeches and a prepared song. Applicants will generally receive feedback and suggestions during the audition.

* Speeches [monologues] should not exceed two minutes each and applicants should also prepare a short song, as well as bring sheet music (in the correct key) for use by the accompanist.


TECH : Applicants will be asked about their interests in theatre, relevant experience and reasons for applying. Students should bring with them a portfolio of their work, demonstrating their experience in technical theatre, and will also have to prepare a task which will be discussed on the day of the interview.







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Recall Auditions

Candidates attending recall auditions are required to undertake further preparation. You should prepare an additional two contrasting pieces in accordance with the guidelines. You should also learn any one song, which you should be prepared to sing unaccompanied. You do not need to imitate the original artist. The song may be in any language but should last no longer than two minutes.

You will work with the panel on material which may include improvisation, your original speeches and previously unseen texts. You will also participate in a movement workshop, a singing workshop and a short, informal interview.

Advice to Candidates

We places a high value on:

* The ability to 'inhabit' a character - to understand and reveal their complex psychology

* Willingness to take risks, but to exercise some sophistication in their execution

* Generosity in working with others

* Technical and expressive ability in voice, movement and singing

* An active interest in, and knowledge of, theatre and related performing arts

* Life experience - we encourage applicants from a wide age range

* Applications from candidates whose first or second language is Amharic/English

We also make the following specific recommendations:

* Make sure that you are secure in remembering the pieces you select

* Avoid over-used speeches. If you have selected a piece from an audition book, the chances are that the panel may have seen the piece performed many times before

* Avoid speeches by characters much older than yourself, unless the sentiments within it are universal

* Avoid using an accent other than your own, unless you are absolutely secure in it

* Avoid telephone speeches

* Avoid using props unless absolutely essential

* Wear appropriate clothing which will allow you to move easily and comfortably

* Enjoy the experience!

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* instructions : Also, applicants will be assessed on the basis of their written application after their auditions.

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